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Icon Box Elementor Widget

When it comes to creating websites, icon boxes are really useful. The most common application is for sections that list product or service features. In this video lesson, you’ll learn how to personalize every part of this widget, including the symbol, headline, and description. The icons are derived from Font Awesome Icons, and you can search through them to get the one you want.

What you will get in the content tab of Elenmentor Icon Box Widget

Content Tab

You have complete control over the content of the widget under the content tab.

  • View: Set the icon’s view to ‘Default,’ ‘Stacked,’ or ‘Framed.’ Stacked icons have a background, while framed icons have a frame around them.
  • Choose Icon: This page contains a complete list of all Font Awesome icons.
  • Title & Description: Put your Icon Box widget’s title and description here.
  • Link to: Insert a link and select whether it should open in a new window.
  • Icon Position: Set the icon’s position on the box’s left, top, or right side (on Mobile view it will stay centered).
  • Title HTML Tag: Select the title tag, from H1..H6, Div, Span or P. 

How to use Elementor Icon Box widget (Video Tutorial of Elementor Icon Box widget)

YouTube video
Elementor Icon Box Video Tutorial Credit to Elementor



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